Season Two drops soon!

James Geovanny LLC

I am very excited to announce that the company is taken steps in the right direction! 

Two things I want to express is my gratitude for everyone who has been keeping up with James Geovanny Clothing Art Brand, and to everyone who is new, Welcome! We have been working intensely to identify what makes us a value to the artists that get to work with our brand. And most importantly the people who make this vision possible, you. 

At our core we create valuable art clothing benefitting both the artist and buyer. For example most everyone is busy with work and life and its difficult to have an opportunity like this to fully developed during some free time. Therefore, what James Geovanny strives to do is create a company that harnesses a fun and encouraging environment for the artist to fully express themselves during our collaborations. 

Second, we have an optimistic vision that one day those limited artifacts created by our artists will develop into worthy assets for the buyers. Framed and retired  on a wall or perhaps resold to other interested customers, the original investors will benefit twice fold for their interest in the art and brand. 

We always strive to make unique and comfortable clothing for all ages and genders. Encourage to share an amazing experience with the general public or the biggest art aficionado in regards to having access to art that other wise would not be obtainable to us for its singularity format.

We hope to give those interested a unique opportunity to enjoy the ability to part take in the culture of art and all the beautiful expressions that can be represented through our clothing brand.  

Season 2 is on its way and will be here soon. Keep an eye out for it and help us spread the word on our beautiful brand. Clothing made by artists, for artist. 

- Jimmy Solis





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